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Visitor Visa

A visitor visa will be granted for up to 9 months and can be extended to a maximum of 12 months.


It allows you to visit friends and family, explore New Zealand or enjoy amateur sports, or adventure activity. You may even participate in business consultation or study for up to 3 months in New Zealand.

Furthermore, you can include your partner, and dependent children aged 19 and under, in your visa application. But you will need to show sufficient funds in supporting yourself and any dependents in your application.

If you are from one of the countries from the below visa waiver list, you will not need a visitor visa in visiting New Zealand for up to 3 months — or, if you are a British citizen, up to 6 months.

List of visa waiver countries and territories

(from INZ website)

Screenshot 2020-08-25 at 9.19.38 PM.png

Critical Purpose Visitor Visa

If you have a critical purpose to travel to New Zealand, you may enter the country with this visa even though the border is currently closed.

Below are some of the reasons to request for a travel:
1) Critical health worker

2) Partner of a New Zealand citizen or resident

3) Normally resident work visa holders

This visa has a generally shorter processing time compared to other visa options, but can only be applied after making a request to travel and be invited to apply by Immigration New Zealand.

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