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Nothing-To-Hide Fees Structure

We are always honest and open to our service fees.

As a professional licensed immigration adviser, it is our promise to charge reasonable fees to our clients. The listed fees below serve as a guide only. Actual fees will vary depending on the complexity of the case and your individual situation.


Please contact us for an accurate quote for your case.

Temporary Visa Category

Visitor Visa

Student Visa


Temporary Work Visa

Partnership Temporary Visa

Working Holiday Visa

Specific Purpose Visa

Variation of Conditions

Service Fees

$500 - $1500

$500 - $1500

$1500 - $2500

$1000 - $2500

$500 - $1000

$1500 - $2500

$500 - $1000


Residence Visa Category

Skilled Migrant Category

Family Residence Visa (partner/ parent/ dependent child)

Residence from Work Visa

Investor Categories

Entrepreneur Work/ Resident Visa

Service Fees

$4000 - $6000

$1500 - $2500


$2000 - $3000

Please contact for quotation


Please contact for quotation


Special Assistance

Section 61 Request

Visa Reconsideration

* Our fee structure is exclusive of GST, INZ application fees, or other fees such as medicals or police checks.

Other Services

Hourly Rate

Additional Family Members - Partner

Additional Family Members - Children


Service Fees

$1500 - $2500

$1000 - $2000


Service Fees





Refund policy

Your satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us. Therefore, we offer a clear refund policy and refunds will be provided in a fair and reasonable manner. All refund requests will be carefully considered and decided on their own merits.

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